Realite Fashion Weekly: Rockin’ It Out

In the latest edition of Realite Fashion Weekly on Wrocław​ Uncut, we are looking at how to achieve the ideal rock look. Rock girls need to feel good embracing such a strong image, which means the right make up, hairdo, jewellery and clothes of ...

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Realite Fashion Weekly: Felt Design

Fashion is not only about clothes of course, but accessories too. Without them clothes quite simply wouldn't look as stylish. That's why in this week's Réalité​​ fashion column on Wrocław Uncut, we are showcasing a selection of locally made handbags that are sure to ...

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Cosmetics Workshop: Everyday Make-Up

Wrocław​ Uncut are delighted to be able to bring you a newly launched and rejuvenated fashion section thanks to our friends at Réalité​. From today, the Réalité​ team will bring you photoshoots featuring the latest local fashions, tips on buying ...

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Street Fashion & Live Music @ Niskie Laki

Popular alternative hangout Niskie Łąki might have gone off the radar for a while, but they re-opened in style last weekend with two energy charged nights of electro music. This weekend promises to be even better, thanks to an event co-organised with Moico featuring live music from ...

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EA: Cutting Edge Hipster Fashion (Closed)

Wrocław doesn't exactly have he same selection of concept stores that the likes of Warsaw and Berlin can boast about, but in recent times a few new independent fashion shops have sprung up. One such place is Ęą, a small store at the end of Ruska ...

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Crafty Creations: DecoBazaar Gallery & Shop

DecoBazaar, ul. Lokietka 6, Anyone who reads Wroclaw Uncut regularly will be no stranger to the fact that Nadodrze is a place with a lot going for it right now. Over the last few years various alternative shops, cafes, restaurants, galleries and exhibitions have sprung up, ...

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6jan - 31All DayCarnival Season At Alyki(All Day) ul. Powstańców Ślaskich 95 Wroclaw, PolandAlykiEvent:Food Festival
23jan8:00 pm- 11:00 pmFrancis Tuan Live In Concert8:00 pm - 11:00 pm Kazimierza Wielkiego 50, Wroclaw, PolandNietotaEvent:Live Music