Projekt Piwo, Live!

Tonight from 9.30pm, we'll be bringing you live coverage of Projekt Piwo 2013! The pictures are brought to you by Ustream and Student Tv. Projekt Piwo is produced by Wrocław students, who use lights of …

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WRO Media Art Biennale

Wrocław​'s culturally jam-packed month of May shows no sign of slowing down, especially with the WRO Media art Biennale about to kick off on Wednesday. First organized in 1989, WRO …

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Wroclove Design Festival

Wroclove Design Festival, 9th-12th May, The latest event on the ECOC 2016 calendar is just upon us – the WrocLOVE Design Festival.  So what's it all about? In their own words, …

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