Romina Moradi

Romina Moradi is a full time medical student, food fanatic and a loyal friend to bacon. Since joining Uncut Romina has been reviewing Wroclaw's newest and trendiest restaurants, taking stunning full HD photos of luscious dishes prepared by some the city's best chefs along the way.

Nadodrze Cafe Resto Bar: Hip Venue Suits The Local Vibe

The café scene in Wroclaw is booming and in Nadodrze Cafe Resto Bar, one of the latest places to prop up…
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Charlotte: French Bistro Lives Up To Expectations

If you’re short of booking a flight to Paris, Charlotte Café may be your best bet for a temporary French…
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Vincent Cafe: Wrocław’s Old Town Patissiere

Seven years ago, a Parisian expat in Warsaw named Vincent was having troubles finding a good loaf of French style…
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Di Cafe: Lush Breakfasts In Sky Tower

There’s a lot I miss about Canada but one of the most significant is the breakfast; waffles, bacon, eggs benedict,…
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jaDka: Exquisite Polish Cuisine

If you’re in the search of an upscale Polish restaurant, word of mouth may be leading you to jaDka. Boasted upon…
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Soczewka: Burger Craze Hits The Rynek

With the number of burger bars on the rise, new venues must strive to create their own identity by bringing…