Ruyin Lan

Heralding from China, Ruyin Lan is as proud of Wroclaw's rich cultural offering as she of that in her own country. Always keen on breaking up habitual routines, Ruyin is only too happy to explore the numerous possibilities life in Wroclaw brings to the table.

3 Cases Of Bird Flu Detected In Wroclaw

According to reports in Gazeta Wrocławska and tabloid newspaper FAKT, three dead swans found on the river Odra last week were diagnosed with Avian…

The Art Of Christmas Stamps On Show In Wroclaw

In a fitting move for the current season, Wroclaw is hosting a new exhibition packed with classic Christmas themed stamps. Titled…
City Sights

Ancient Egyptian Secrets Unveiled In Wroclaw

An intriguing new exhibition in Wroclaw is unveiling the secrets behind the tombs of ancient Egypt. Titled "Secrets Of The Egyptian Tombs",…