René Hernández

An Angeleno by birth, but a Bostonian and Milanese by education, who unfortunately happens to hold an absolutely useless Master of Arts degree in Philosophy. René has been living in Wroclaw for over 7 years and works as a technical writer for Nokia. The only thing he is good at apparently. He can be found drinking or eating at a some dive joint hoping for a metaphysical realization while looking for the hot sauce and ordering another round, defying his common sense.

Bar Anomalia: Where Everyone Knows Your Name

As foreigners in Wroclaw, we can sometimes be guilty of trying to find our own and commiserate about being expats. The…

Open-Mic Stand Up: One For The Bucket List

Stand up comedy shows, especially open-mic night, is a thing to see while visiting Los Angeles. It is a welcome…

Halloween: Harmless If Understood As Fun

Generally there is a mixed reaction to Halloween in Poland, which is understandable. As an American, I feel I must…
Food & Drink

Food Truck Burger Madness

Burger craze indeed. Why the madness? I simply had no idea that a burger could become so popular in Wroclaw.…
Food & Drink

Pizzamobile: Delivers Without Delivering

Pizzamobile does not have the look or style of a classy eatery… you literally have no where to sit. But…
Food & Drink

Food Truck Style

In case you have not noticed, food trucks are alive and well in Wroclaw. Can they provide an equal or…