Realite Fashion

Realite are a young innovative group dedicated to Wroclaw fashion composed of a photographer, make-up designer and various models. Together the Realite team provide top quality photo shoots with local models wearing items bought (and in some cases made) here in Wroclaw.

Realite Fashion: Pin Up Style

Welcome to the latest edition of Realite fashion on Wrocław Uncut! Today we'll show you some shots of how to re-create the retro 'pin-up'…

Spring Fashion: Flower Power!

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Interview: Fashion Designer Svietlana Mikus

Svietlana Mikuś is a passionate fashion designer and tailor based here in Wrocław. Svietlana has received much acclaim for her…

Alessandra Donati: Exclusive Interview

Italian actress Alessandra Donati has been performing on stage and on TV in Wroclaw for a number of years now. Having…

Twoje Trendy: Fashion On The Cheap

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Frocks That Won’t Cost You A Fortune

In this latest edition of Wrocław Uncut's Réalité​ fashion column, we're going to prove you don't need to fork out a small fortune…