Mike Ramberg

Mike Ramberg is an American writer recently relocated to Wroclaw from Ankara, Turkey (And South Korea before that). He blogs occasionally at www.grebmar.net.

MaluMika: Wroclaw’s Paint-Your-Own Ceramics Studio

There’s one more option in town when you’re looking for a creative night out: paint-your-own ceramics at the MaluMika pottery…

Pha Tha Thai: Thai Cuisine On Więzienna

The old town’s diverse collection of foreign food just got a little wider with the opening of Pha Tha Thai…

A visit to Body Worlds, Magnolia Park

Somewhere between science and spectacle​ lies​ Gunther Van Hagens’ Body World: Circle of Life​, currently on display in Wroclaw’s own Magnolia…
Food & Drink

Konspira: Nostalgic Venue Avoids Tacky Clichés

In the southwest corner of Pl. Solny, a small dim passage leads through the buildings and emerges on a small…
City Sights

What’s The Best Public Statue In Wroclaw?

Public art is entrenched in Wroclaw life – from the hundreds of tiny gnomes to the giant murals we pass…