Maia Kenney

Maia is a half-Polish, half-American pastry chef and long distance hiker who has just moved back to Wroclaw after what feels like a lifetime away. She is constantly looking for new things to see, do, and eat - and wants to share her experiences with fellow English-speaking fans of this fantastic city.
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Alyki Recipe Of The Month: January

Our first recipe of the year to come from Alyki's award-winning kitchen is this sumptuous chicken fillet served with roasted…

200 Turnout For “Wroclaw Without Hate” Demonstration

Last Thursday dozens of Wroclaw’s denizens decisively reacted to the spate of attacks on kebab shops and foreign nationals that hit…

European Film Awards: A View From The Inside

Wroclaw Uncut has all the luck. Last weekend we were invited to attend the 29th European Film Awards, which Wroclaw had…
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Alyki Recipe Of The Month: November

Thanks to the help of Chef Blaszczyk at Alyki Restaurant, Wroclaw Uncut are resurrecting the popular recipe of the month…

DoubleTree By Hilton: A Match For Wroclaw’s Swankiest Hotels?

The opening of the DoubleTree By Hilton at the OVO building means Wroclaw has a new luxury hotel, restaurant and cocktail bar to contend with.…
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Bazar Smakoszy: Wroclaw’s Blossoming Gourmet Market

I have some good news about Wroclaw's Bazar Smakoszy. First, in case you didn't know, it is possible to get…