Jackie Foster Fagan

Jackie Foster Fagan is an American who recently moved from the US to Wroclaw. A lover of coffee more than almost anything, Jackie runs the excellent lifestyle blog morningkawa (morningkawa.com), and writes about local lifestyle and more on Wrocław Uncut.

Inspirational Speakers Bring Depth To Colour

Photocredits: Karolina Skalska & ​Janusz Pietroszek Coming from the world of marketing, I understand that an idea cannot grow unless it is…
City Sights

Wroclaw’s Sidewalk Timeline

As you're walking from the Ossolineum to Hala Targowa you may notice a brick walkway that holds metal plaques commemorating influential dates for the…
City Sights

Time To Renovate The Bastion?

While walking through the streets of Wrocław​, I instantly fell in love with the crumbling structure of the Dawny Bastion Sakwowy in…