Evelyn Aschenbrenner

A resident of Wrocław for almost a year and a vegetarian for 19 years, Evelyn Aschenbrenner has also written restaurant reviews for newspapers in her native city of Detroit.
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Vegan Burger Joints In Wrocław

Wrocław has two places that serve up delicious, satisfying veggie burgers: Green Bus, which offers vegan and vegetarian burgers as…
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6 New(ish) Vegan Places To Check Out

There’s more and more vegan options in Wroclaw— and like other businesses, it’s out with the old, in with the…
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Manufaktura Bezglutenowa: Wroclaw’s 1st Gluten Free Eatery

Gluten-free diners take note: a new cafe has joined the list of choices for dining out. Manufaktura Bezglutenowa, located near…

Thousands Protest Against Tighter Abortion Laws

After Poland’s parliament voted in favour of a draft bill that would restrict women’s access to abortion, demonstrations against the proposed law…

Poland’s Andrzejki Traditions

If you noticed more party goers carousing around the Rynek at the weekend, it certainly wasn't for no reason. It was last weekend before Andrzejki,…

This Is Halloween?

There’s always one student in my class who doesn’t want to talk about Halloween, whether it’s someone conservative or a…