Contributors (Past & Present)

  • Gregor Gowans

    The founder and editor of Wroclaw Uncut, Gregor has been running the website since its inception in 2012. A Wroclawian for almost 10 years, Gregor writes on a wide variety of topics including, food & drink, nightlife, local news and politics. He is also a regular guest on Radio Ram's Sunday lunch programme.
  • Alina Tychyna

    A Ukrainian Journalism student, Alina is an ardent admirer of culture, art and languages. Her unreserved curiosity and thirst for experiences drives her into the various adventures that Wroclaw throws in her direction.
  • Ana Patsatsia

    A Georgian journalism student at the University of Wroclaw, Ana is fervent fan of fine art and visual art, particularly film-making and European cinema genres such as New Wave and Italian neorealism. An individual who lives and breathes art, Ana loves to break boundaries and go to new places with her writing.
  • Bartosz Dunin

    Since the age of two Bartosz been back and forth between the US and Poland. He currently resides in his hometown of Wrocław, where he works as a Project Manager in the field of construction by day, and an amateur writer at night. His interests include travel, history, biking, kayaking and some good old fashioned garden work.
  • Cansu Girgin

    Cansu Girgin grew up in İstanbul before studying in the Journalism and Social Communication programme at the University of Wroclaw. Cansu loves the Wroclaw's green parks and peaceful atmosphere here after coming from a big and crowded city. Outside her studies, she enjoys painting, taking photos and reading a book in the local park.
  • Berna Cihan

    Journalism student in University of Wroclaw. Has got the degree of Radio, Tv and Cinema Department. Berna simply is a Turkish fan of Polish culture. She believes that there are no emotions more powerful than the desire of discovering. This was what brought her to Poland at the very first place, and this will be the thing that will drag her to the new places till the end of her journey.
  • Cenk Barkın

    Cenk Barkın is a full-time Journalism student currently doing his Masters in Wroclaw. A former video editor of a Turkish video game magazine, Barkın is enthused by the innovative methods of new media and the future of online journalism. He can literally talk endlessly about video games and Dream Theater until someone tells him to shut up.
  • Edmund Roycroft

    Edmund is new to Wroclaw and moved here two months ago from Ireland. He is here to explore the culture, from food and drink to the art in all its forms. Loves exploring the many parks around the city and is rarely unplugged from his Ipod. A novice writer, who has also in the past, worked with newly formed bands from his home town in helping acts get a venue to pop their cherry.
  • Evelyn Aschenbrenner

    A resident of Wrocław for almost a year and a vegetarian for 19 years, Evelyn Aschenbrenner has also written restaurant reviews for newspapers in her native city of Detroit.
  • Jim Williams

    Jim Williams is an American performing artist who lives in Poland. Jim is the creator of Liquidmime and has performed across the U.S. and Europe. While not directly contributing to Wroclaw Uncut, Jim is always at hand to inform our readers about what's happening in the city's stand-up comedy scene.
  • Ian Maloy

    Ian is a singing teacher who has been living in Wrocław for several years. Dobrze mówi po polsku. Ian can often be found in town eating excellent vegan/vegetarian food, drinking beer from micro-breweries, bird-watching around Lower Silesia, jogging by the Odra, lighting candles in the Russian Orthodox church and banging his head in various moshpits to Polish metal/hardcore bands.
  • Justyna Bednarek

    Justyna Bednarek is the owner and head Polish language teacher at 'Inspiration Centrum Języków Obcych', located in Wroclaw's Gaj district. In her fortnightly column, Justyna aims to give foreigners a greater insight into some of the quirks of the Polish language.
  • Jackie Foster Fagan

    Jackie Foster Fagan is an American who recently moved from the US to Wroclaw. A lover of coffee more than almost anything, Jackie runs the excellent lifestyle blog morningkawa (morningkawa.com), and writes about local lifestyle and more on Wrocław Uncut.
  • BigDoor24.pl

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  • John Distefano

    John Distefano is a journalism student in Uniwersytet Wroclawski, as well as an Italian teacher and musician based here Wroclaw.
  • Maia Kenney

    Maia is a half-Polish, half-American pastry chef and long distance hiker who has just moved back to Wroclaw after what feels like a lifetime away. She is constantly looking for new things to see, do, and eat - and wants to share her experiences with fellow English-speaking fans of this fantastic city.
  • Katsiaryna Drozhzha

    Katsiaryna is a Belorussian journalism student at the University of Wroclaw. A 'global citizen' passionate about other cultures, languages and music, Katsiaryna loves nothing more than traveling around the world playing on a Hawaiian ukulele.
  • Krzysztof Furtan

    Krzysztof Furtan is a lawyer with 4 years of professional experience. Having worked for international law firms such as Miller Canfield and Deloitte Legal, Krzystoff now specializes in advice on e-commerce, intellectual property, contract law and company law.
  • Lauren Petersen

    An Indiana girl at heart and a former miss Indianapolis, Lauren Petersen wrote a number of intriguing and insightful articles for Wroclaw Uncut during her time in Poland as Fullbright scholar.
  • Lisa-Sophie Kinne

    Lisa-Sophie Kinne grew up in Dubai before returning to her native Germany to study in Lüneburg. Currently residing in Wroclaw for a short stint at the University of Wroclaw, Lisa-Sophie enjoys the diversity Wroclaw's cultural scene offers, as well as it's travel friendly location in the heart of Europe. Outside her studies, she is most likely be found in her new favourite place for film and theatre screenings - Kino Nowe Horyzonty.
  • Lizzie Isibor

    A journalism masters student at the University of Wroclaw. A former journalist from Abuja, Nigeria. Self described globe trotter. She enjoys going on adventures even though she has to be dragged out the door for it. She's in love with Korean drama/K-Pop and spends her days counting down to the next Coachella.
  • Lara kalashnikova

    A website for a city as stylish as Wrocław couldn't be without it's own fashion section, and Lara was Uncut's very first fashion critique. Lara has had articles published on big fashion websites in Russia, and also is in her element scouring for new fashion in Poland, just as she has already proven in her native country.
  • Mike Ramberg

    Mike Ramberg is an American writer recently relocated to Wroclaw from Ankara, Turkey (And South Korea before that). He blogs occasionally at www.grebmar.net.
  • Melania Sulak

    Melania Sulak hails from Toronto but she's been living in Wrocław for some time now. Her captivation with the city's cultural life has led her to join Wrocław Uncut, to which she's been contributing since 2014.
  • Maria Atanasova

    A Bulgarian Journalism student currently residing in Wroclaw, Maria has forever had an obsession with books, poetry, the Beatles and travel. She has her sights set on a radio gig but would be equally happy running her own bakery. A keen explorer, Maria will be seeking out uncharted spots in Wroclaw and speaking to the city's many interesting characters.
  • Marie Lamarque

    French student in journalism, communication and media doing an Erasmus semester in Wroclaw. After an internship in journalism in a local newspaper in France, Marie wants to enrich her professional experience and rise to a challenge joining the Wroclaw Uncut’s team.
  • Magda Wójcik

    Magda was born in Wroclaw and is super proud of the fact. She'll make sure you don't miss any cool, marginalized, obscure, or rock'n'roll type cultural events in the city. If she's not sipping beer in Mleczarnia right now, she's probably on her couch watching films (especially anything alternative, peculiar or audaciously cool), or jogging along the Odra river.
  • Realite Fashion

    Realite are a young innovative group dedicated to Wroclaw fashion composed of a photographer, make-up designer and various models. Together the Realite team provide top quality photo shoots with local models wearing items bought (and in some cases made) here in Wroclaw.
  • Neil Bennion

    Neil Bennion is a freelance writer who blogs about travel, productivity and general mucking about at wanderingdesk.com.
  • Patrick O'Sullivan

    Londoner and staunch Gooners fan Patrick O'Sullivan has been living in Wrocław for over a decade now. Patrick knows Wrocław and all its nooks and crannies just as well as any of the locals.
  • Petar Boudinov

    Petar is a Bulgarian journalism student finishing his degree at the University of Wroclaw. His burning passion is football, but he also shares a keen interest in both international relations and Polish culture. Petar can be typically seen in bars in or around Ruska street, or in the gym performing some quirky exercises.
  • René Hernández

    An Angeleno by birth, but a Bostonian and Milanese by education, who unfortunately happens to hold an absolutely useless Master of Arts degree in Philosophy. René has been living in Wroclaw for over 7 years and works as a technical writer for Nokia. The only thing he is good at apparently. He can be found drinking or eating at a some dive joint hoping for a metaphysical realization while looking for the hot sauce and ordering another round, defying his common sense.
  • Robert Burgess

    Rob Burgess hails from that sunny island in the heart of Europe known only as Britain. Despite living in Poland for the last five years, he still feels like a complete newcomer and is constantly being surprised by everything the city throws at him.
  • Ruyin Lan

    Heralding from China, Ruyin Lan is as proud of Wroclaw's rich cultural offering as she of that in her own country. Always keen on breaking up habitual routines, Ruyin is only too happy to explore the numerous possibilities life in Wroclaw brings to the table.
  • Richard Lewis

    North Londoner Richard Lewis fell in love with Poland after several visits and decided to move to Wrocław last May. He's particularly fond of the city's history and cultural life, as well as cinema and vegan food. He's even been trying to make his own pickled cucumbers lately - how very Polish!
  • Slawomir Kortas

    After living 16 years in the US, Sławek bought a one-way ticket back to Poland and has been living in Wrocław ever since. Sławek is fond of documenting the subtle differences between Poland and The States on his homepage, and can often be found on his motorcycle zipping around the city.
  • Romina Moradi

    Romina Moradi is a full time medical student and food fanatic. Since joining Uncut Romina has been reviewing Wroclaw's newest and trendiest restaurants, taking stunning full HD photos of luscious dishes prepared by some the city's best chefs along the way.
  • Zoe Strobe

    Zoe hails from England and moved To Wroclaw after 9 years in Berlin. A former editor of one of London's highest grossing music fanzines, Zoe is now working as an international concert lighting designer and running a small band management company called Scandiphile Management.
  • Supriya Joon

    supriya joon is a full-time student from India doing masters in Journalism from the University of Wroclaw. she is also a professional photographer and has worked as director of photography in many short films.
  • Terry Clark-Ward

    Terry has lived in Wroclaw since 2000 and has written and contributed to many published books as well as being the host and creator of Radio RAM’s English language show ‘Sunday Lunch’. He also works as a voice over artist and Television presenter of ‘5 o’ Clark’ on national TV channel ‘ATM Rozrywka’. His real passion, however, is writing for Wroclawuncut!
  • Damian Niznik

    Damian, our technical guru and host, keeps the good ship Wroclaw Uncut steering forward.
  • Owen Williams

    Heralding from London, Owen has been living in Wroclaw for 4 years. On top of contributing for Uncut, Owen teaches English, presents the Wroclogs video series and writes for both Polish and English magazines.
  • Yelyzaveta Peralta

    Ukrainian journalist and writing enthusiast who loves art and traveling. As a keen explorer, Yelyzaveta believes that there are always some more places worth visiting and new people worth meeting.
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