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Wrocław Uncut is your ultimate alternative guide to what’s going on in the city. Our quick witted and talented team constantly strive to provide Wrocław’s International community with the latest news, reviews and interviews. If it’s happening, it’s on Uncut.

Uncut brings you:​

  • The latest local news in English

  • An events section with info on upcoming parties, concerts, festivals, creative workshops, exhibitions and sporting fixtures

  • Previews of the latest movies at Kino Nowe Horyzonty

  • An ever increasing leisure directory, including: pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, parks, visitor attractions and independent shops​

  • Exclusive interviews with artists and bands from Wrocław and beyond

  • Useful expat tips, practical guides and much, much more …

Wroclaw is a city is on a journey and we want you to join us in being a part of it. So join us – check out the website, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or Google+, and feel free to comment on our posts.

If you would like to join our talented voluntary team, don't hesitate to email us using the address below. 

Lets rock this gig out together,

Gregor Gowans – Editor 

[email protected]

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