Traugutta Set For Culture-packed Saturday

Wrocław’s so called ‘Bermuda Triangle’ district will host a series of cultural events tomorrow as part of ‘Triangle Day’.

The festival of culture intends to show how the Traugutta area, once considered as the city’s most dangerous district, has managed to shrug off those associations and is now open to culture more than ever before. 

As part of the event, a section of Komuny Paryskiej street (at the junction with Kościuszki Street) will be turned into a neighborhood ‘relaxation zone’. Once there, you will be able to order some food, chill out on sun loungers and meet the various artists and creatives who work in the area.

Other attractions include an intimate concert at the German Consulate, workshops on brewing coffee and making gingerbread, talks and meetings about the area (in Polish), as well as an afterparty at plac Społeczny. 

You can find more info on the event in Polish here.

There are a good number of participating venues embracing the event, including various museums, cafes and restaurants. The full list of participating venues is as follows: 

Alternatywy 4, BioManiac.pl Delikatesy Ekologiczne, Chiński Wiatr, Bar Detes, Dobro&Dobro, Folgujemy, Kotlet Schabowy, KRASNOLÓD, Małe co nieco, Look Cafe, onzmywa.pl, Pierogarnia Babuni, Pizzasso, Pizzeria Relax, Równowaga, Sklep mięsny (ul. Traugutta 99), Spacer, Ukraiński Smak. Żywność z Ukrainy i innych krajów Europy Wschodniej, W Trójkącie, Wyspa Zdrowia

Gregor Gowans

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