54th Wratislavia Cantans Looks South For Inspiration

The 54th running of Wratislavia Cantans, Wrocław’s primary classical music festival, is to embody a southern theme when it gets underway on Friday. 

The 9 day festival runs until Sunday September 15th and features performances of music from many countries, including Poland, Italy and Egypt.

The majority of the concerts during the festival will of course be held at Wrocław’s National Forum of Music. Tickets can be purchased online via the festival website.

Everyone has their own vision of the South. For the inhabitants of Wrocław, this idea may embody my native Italy, meanwhile, living in Milan every day, I feel more like a resident of the North and think of further regions of Italy as the south.

Certainly this is the direction that attracts us, in the biographies of many artists we find noteworthy memories of the journey to the south. Goethe, when he reached Sicily, is believed to have said that he found the source of everything.

We have also created a well-established myth of the South, an ideal place in which dolce vita prevails. This year’s Wratislavia Cantans turns to the South, looks at the inspirations constantly coming from there, observes the cross-over of traditions, and looks for sources of our contemporary culture in this region.

Wratislavia Cantans organisers

Gregor Gowans

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