Euro Nysa Train Ticket Goes Up In Price

The price of the Euro Nysa train ticket, which allows unlimited travel in the border regions of Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic, has been increased. 

The ticket can be used an unlimited amount of times on the date printed on it. The possible savings are so great that even on a casual day-trip you can easily save yourself over 100zl.

However it has now become slightly less of a bargain after all three train operators in the respective countries agreed to raise the price. People purchasing the ticket in Poland will now pay 40zł for it as opposed to 25zł. The change became active as of August 1st.

Up to five people can still take advantage of the group offer, which costs 100zł.

The special ticket is valid on almost all routes covering the area illustrated above, where the borders of Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic meet.

If you travel west, the ticket becomes active at Bolesławiec and allows you to travel as far as Bischofswerda, where the German Zvon zone ends. If you head south-east towards the Czech border, the ticket is valid from Jelenia Góra and allows travel over the border to anywhere in the Liberec region.

You can also use the ticket on the trams and buses in a number of the towns and cities in the area covered by the Euro Nysa ticket.

The price increase is naturally a bit of a bummer. That said, it has been frozen at 25zł for some time and the ticket still offers decent value for money.

Gregor Gowans

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