City Allow Motorcyclists To Use Bus Lanes

Wrocław President Jacek Sutryk has announced that motorcyclists can now use the city’s dedicated bus lanes. 

Until now, buses, electric cars, taxis, emergency service vehicles and some goods delivery vehicles have been allowed to use the lanes. However motorcyclists now also have access. 

Writing on Facebook on Monday, Jacek Sutryk said he had come to the decision after speaking to the Wrocław Motorcyclists association. Sutryk himself is of course also a motorcyclist. 

The decision comes two years after Wrocław City Council rejected proposals to allow motorcyclists bus lane access, stating at the time that it was “not consistent with the assumptions of Wrocław’s Mobility Policy“. 

Please be aware that the rule change only applies to so called ‘classic bus lanes’, which means bus lanes without tram tracks. For example, the rule applies to the bus lane on Podwale, but not the section on Grabiszynska street where both trams and buses operate on. 


Gregor Gowans

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