5 Outdoor Venues For Yoga In Wrocław

There’s no shortage of free outdoor yoga sessions in Wrocław throughout the summer period. So together with our partners Buddyapp, a new activity-based networking app, we’re highlighting 5 places you can get-together for yoga every week. 

The 5 selections include venues in the centre, south, east and west of Wrocław, so no matter where you live, there’s something for you! Most of the sessions understandably take place during the weekend, but we’ve also thrown in a fun option for midweek too.

Saturday lunchtime yoga at Ogródek Bar Plażowy


Our first featured yoga meet up comes courtesy of Yoga Upaya, who run weekly yoga sessions for free at Ogródek Bar Plażowy on Saturdays at 12 noon. 

The Yoga Upaya school conduct the classes according to the Iyengar method, which places emphasis on detail, precision and alignment in the performance of posture and breath control.

Ogródek Bar Plażowy is located just behind Klecina tram stop, so it is easily accessible by tram. The beach bar is also just across the road from the picturesque Klecina Park, an ideal spot for a leisurely walk. The area also offers plenty of options of cycling too. 

Sunday morning yoga at Forest Bar


Anders Park forms the backdrop for the Sunday morning sessions at Forest Bar, an outdoor venue nearby the University of Economics.

Everyone is welcome at the classes here, regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced in the practice of Yoga.

Forest Bar and Anders park is also home to the Sunday Breakfast market, so after your workout there are plenty of options when it comes to refreshments. Just like all the other venues listed in our article, the classes here are free!

Sunday morning yoga at Park Juliusza Słowackiego


One of the longest running summer yoga meetups is held every Sunday in July and August at Park of Juliusz Słowacki, just behind Panorama Racławicka.

Between 10.15 and 10.30, the instructors greet all the participants and introduce how the sessions will work. Then from 10.30 until 12.00 experienced yoga teachers from the Fabryką Energii Yoga Centre get the sessions underway full and proper. 

Similarly to the other yoga meetups, you need only bring a yoga mat, blanket or a large towel.

The park is also rather close to Bulwar Nad Odrą, which is always a picturesque place for a stroll along the river.

Sunday Lunchtime yoga at Zazoo Beach Bar


If you prefer a longer lie-in on Sundays, another option comes in the shape of Zazoo Beach Bar’s Sunday lunchtime yoga session. 

The classes are led by Oliwia Misztur, who works at Wrocław’s Tree of Life – yoga studio. Those new to yoga are just as welcome as advanced users.

The area around Zazoo beach bar is of course full of attractions, so a visit here could form part of a most pleasant day in Śródmieście.

Tuesday evening ‘beer yoga’ at Hotspot Beach Bar


Last but not least, we have one rather curious-sounding yoga meetup on Tuesdays.

Between 8 and 9pm Hotspot beach bar run ‘beer yoga’ sessions with the help of Marzena Pater. Each participant receives a free bottle of beer for taking part, which is a nice bonus.

The beer yoga concept apparently originated in Germany, but has now made its mark in Australia, the US and Thailand.

Admittedly, the idea may not be lapped up by yoga purists. That said, it could easily be a fun of beginners to become acquainted with the practice! 🙂

Other yoga events worth a mention

If the location of the above venues doesn’t suit you, then you needn’t worry – there are plenty more yoga gathering taking place across the city.

Those in the north of the city can visit the Sunday evening yoga at Park Staszica or Basen Beach Bar‘s yoga sessions on Saturday at 11am.

On top of that, there are yoga events at Forma Plynna and Park Brochowski on Saturday mornings.


This article was written together with our partners BuddyApp, a new service founded by a local entrepreneur. All of the suggested venues in this post were independently chosen by ourselves. 

BuddyApp connects people who want to spend time together, share their interests and be up to date with nearby events.

Do you enjoy concerts, cycling, playing guitar or maybe you just want to go out and hang out?
BuddyApp helps you keep up with things happening around you, meet new people who share your interests and stay in touch with friends.

Register, create own events and browse among other users’ propositions.

To add new event, choose the “Plus” icon, define its time, place and category. Before the event begins you can use the chat to communicate with all participants and get to know each other.

To meet new people clik „Filters” buton on the mail screen, choose „Users” buton and see active users around you.

To browse events, choose „Activities” in filters and find all available events nearby.

Meet. Share passions. Have fun!

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