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New Places To Check Out In Wrocław This August

Wrocław’s culinary scene is constantly evolving as venues come and go. Here’s our latest summary of new places in town.


First up is the latest home of Egyptian food-truckers Doudou’s, who have moved away from their pricey rental spot in Galeria Italiana. Their new home is now the somewhat less appealing (yet much cheaper) Jana Pawła II underpass. 

The usual falafel and grilled meats on offer in the food truck will predictably be the main focus here too.

Domek nad fosą

Wrocław’s ‘House by the Moat’ (Domek nad Fosa) has been transformed into a floating bar and pizzeria, breathing new life into the ageing structure.

According to Gazeta Wrocławska, Domek nad Fosa was used as a place to dock boats before WW2. In the past it was also possible to rent kayaks there, while in more recent years the building has been home to casual take-away pizza joints.

Pizza will also play a role in the building’s future, as the bar and restaurant owners behind KRVN, Das Lokal and Odra Pany have decided to open a pizzeria there.

The plan to set up a floating bar and restaurant at Domek nad Fosa took two and a half years to come to fruition, largely due to all the paperwork and meetings required to secure the permits.

The floating bar area spans 160 square metres and can accommodate up to 80 people. According to Domek nad Fosa’s menu, pizzas cost between 14 ad 33zł. Draft beers are available from 10zł.

Café Zinia

Coffee snobs now have another place to run the rule over thanks to the arrival of Zinia, a cafe and coffee concept store in Renoma. 

They claim to offer a unique blend of coffee composed of Arabica beans from Brazil and Robusta beans from India. They also sell a variety of cakes and sweets.

Green Bus

Vegetarian fast food joint Green Bus have stepped up a gear by moving into a larger premises just around the corner from their old one. 

The menu is largely the same though, so expect to find the usual fare of vegan burgers and pizzas.  

The Old School Street Food

Nowy KnyszoLudek Maciej wita Knyszorzerców 🖐️😎🥙

Gepostet von The Old School Street Food am Dienstag, 16. Juli 2019

Last month we mentioned the arrival of a food truck specialising in an old and seemingly unfashionable Wrocław fast-food – Knysza. Now it seems there is another food truck doing exactly the same thing. So perhaps Knysza is making a comeback?

Named Old School Street Food, the food truck also knock up other Polish classics like zapiekankas. Their location varies, so follow them on Facebook if you want to know where they are parked at.


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Pora zacząć przedstawiać Wam dania z naszego menu. 🥰 CUPBAP to koreański kubełek z ryżem i przeróżnymi dodatkami, który nadaje się idealnie na szybki, sycący posiłek! Wystarczy wszystko bardzo dobrze wymieszać, tak z sercem, aż biały ryż na spodzie całkowicie zmiesza się z sosami i resztą składników i voilà! Eksplozja smaków gotowa! W chwili obecnej znajdziecie u nas dwie najbardziej popularne w Korei wersje – Chicken Mayo i Bulgogi. W ofercie lunchowej jest ich trochę więcej. 😉 Na zdjęciu BULGOGI CUPBAP: kubełek z ryżem, smażonym kimchi, wieprzowiną w ostrym sosie, sałatą lodową, makaronem ze słodkich ziemniaków (pssst! tu wcale nie chodzi o bataty 😉) i z autorskimi sosami na bazie sosu sojowego oraz na bazie majonezu. 🤤 Dostaniecie go u nas za 20zł! To kto zgłodniał? 😉

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For those located as far south as Bielany, this Korean food truck looks well worth a try. 

The menu includes a number of Korean street food classics and the place has already received positive write-ups from local foodies.

All of the venues in this article were compiled with the aid of info from the excellent food blog wroclawskiejedzenie.pl and its sister page wroclovefood.pl.

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