Forum Musicum Classic Music Festival Returns For 16th Time

Wrocław’s long-running Forum Musicum Festival, which specialises in classical music composed between 1600 and 1800, gets underway next Wednesday. 

This year’s edition is titled “Cabinet of Peculiarities”. According to the organisers, the festival will see a number of musicians taking on the challenge of imitating natural sounds from everyday life, whether that be chirping birds or violent thunderstorms.

The week-long event will predominantly feature French and Italian music, including works from composers such as Marin Marais, Jean-Philippe Rameau, François Couperin and Giovanni Battista Fontana.

Forum Musicum’s concerts are to be held in a number of disparate venues that vary widely in terms of size and scope. Some of the music will be performed in intimate venues like Mleczarnia, while other events are to take place within the NFM’s great hall.

Tickets for most of the concerts cost 40zł for adults and 30zł for concessions. Entry to the most lively event on the calendar, the Renaissance Dance Party, costs 20zł.

Gregor Gowans

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