Rainbow Pedestrian Crossing Mysteriously Painted On Robotnicza

A pedestrian crossing on Robotnicza street has been anonymously painted in rainbow colours, sparking viral conversations on social media. 

The owners of outdoor bar Podróż, which is located nearby the crossing, stated on Facebook yesterday that it was a pleasant surprise to see the change. They also made it clear that their bar is a “hate free zone”. 

At this moment it isn’t known if the owners themselves were responsible for painting the crossing. Those who carried out the act may land themselves in trouble; the stunt could easily be considered as damage to public property. 

It is not likely that the uniquely coloured crossing will be there for long. Krzysztof Kubicki from the city’s Road and City Maintenance Board stated yesterday that the crossing should be white and that his colleagues will take care of it. 

The rainbow crossing arrives just days after an attack on an LGBT march in Białystock hit the headlines both home and abroad. Following the march, Gazeta Polska announced that they would be giving away ‘LGBT free zone’ stickers in one of its issues this week. The announcement then prompted Empik and BP to declare that they would not be selling any issue of the paper that included the stickers

On Saturday a demonstration has been organised for Wrocławians to show solidarity with the victims of the attack in Białystock. It is to take place on the Market Square at 2pm.

Gregor Gowans

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