Wrocław To Host ‘Dog Swimming Championship’ Tomorrow

Tomorrow lunchtime Wrocław Aquapark will host a dog swimming championship, an event that’s being organised to promote pet welfare. 

Wrocław Aquapark say their motivation for hosting the competition is to raise awareness of the amount of pets that are needlessly discarded by families during the summer period. The profits from the event will also be passed onto Wrocław’s animal shelters. 

We should always feel responsible for our four-legged friends and if we are deciding on a pet, then we should be able to provide it with proper care. I hope that this event will draw the attention of the inhabitants of Wrocław to a frequently occurring problem.

Paweł Rańda, Vice President of the Wroclaw Aquapark

According to wroclaw.pl, competing dogs will have to swim for 25 metres with their head above water and their legs just below. Time penalties will be administered to those dogs who fall foul of the rules.

The event is free for all and spectators are welcome, the action gets underway at 12pm.

Gregor Gowans

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