MPK Wrocław Promote Campaign Against Smartphone Addiction

MPK Wrocław have promoted a campaign aimed at reducing the amount of people using smartphones onboard public transport as well as nearby bus & tram stops.

Simply titled “Unplug”, the campaign is the work of the Young Dolny Śląsk Association. MPK Wrocław are fully supportive of the campaign’s message and have decided to lend their support.

The people behind the campaign complain that too many passengers fall over as a result of holding their smartphone rather than a pole or handrail. This in turn can cause others to fall and suffer injuries through no fault of their own. 

The campaign also claims that some smartphone users fail to look around them, which results in pregnant woman and elderly people struggling to find free seats.

In addition, the campaign highlights the danger of using smartphones near public transport stops, as well as road and tram crossings. They argue that many smartphone users are glued to their screens as they cross in front of traffic, and may not even hear a tram or bus due to the music in their headphones. It goes without saying that accidents can happen as a consequence, something that the official campaign video is keen to point out.

Gregor Gowans

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