Wrocław City Council Announce Water Tram Feasibility Study

Wrocław President Jacek Sutryk has announced that the city authorities are looking into the possibility of introducing water trams.

Wrocław did have operational water trams back in the Breslau days, and they also ran for the first few years of the communist period. However they haven’t been seen in the city since then.

In a Facebook post published on Tuesday, Sutryk explained his motivations for exploring the idea of the water trams coming back to Wrocław:

From the very beginning, Wrocław has benefited from its location on the Odra – not only in the context of trade, but above all transport. We want to rediscover this way of moving around the city. That is why we have decided to start work on a Feasibility Study for Wrocław Water Trams. 

Jacek Sutryk, President of Wrocław 

A number of European cities do of course have water trams, so Wrocław certainly wouldn’t be alone in having them operate in the city. 

However one would imagine that some tourist cruise-boat companies might not be so impressed by Sutryk’s plans. If the water trams became reality, both tourists and locals could potentially enjoy a pleasant cruise along the Odra for the price of a public transport ticket.

Gregor Gowans

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