Man Caught Drinking Marijuana-tea Could Be Jailed For 3 Years

A man who was caught drinking marijuana-tea in public could receive a prison sentence of up to 3 years for consuming and possessing illegal drugs. 

Police officers found the man near Świebodzki station earlier this week after being alerted by the strong smell of drugs.

When the officers approached the man, who was presumably stoned, he was seen nonchalantly drinking some ‘special’ herbal-tea inside a thermal mug. The 37-year-old reportedly bemoaned the intervention due to the fact that his “second breakfast” plans had been thwarted. He also informed officers that he relies on marijuana and oil for his energy.

According the tuwroclaw.com, the man also had enough marijuana in his possession to prepare 50 average-sized joints.


Gregor Gowans

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