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New Places To Check Out In Wrocław This June

Wrocław’s culinary scene is constantly evolving as venues come and go. Here’s our latest summary of new places in town.



With summer pretty much here, it’s no surprise whatsoever that we have the usual slog of craft ice cream places springing up. 

The latest to enter this competitive market is Meistersztyk, located on Pl. Tadeusza Kościuszki. They certainly have a challenge on their hands given that their close proximity to Polish Lody, who have a branch on the opposite side of the square.

Pijana Wiśnia

Next up is ‘Drunken Cherry’, a Lviv-based bar that’s morphed into a chain in recent years. 

The Drunken Cherry bar has been a popular spot on the tourist map in Lviv for some time, particularly among Polish tourists. In the last couple of years the bar have really tapped into this fanfare by opening branches in Kiev, Warsaw and Kraków.

Now it’s Wrocław’s turn as the Drunken Cherry chain have set up shop on the market square –moving into the premises on the Rynek left vacant by Candy Club.

The bar’s signature drink is obviously based on cherries, however it also includes a touch of cognac. A glass costs 9zł according to tuwrocław.com.

Strong red-lighting typically dominates a Drunken Cherry pub’s interior, the centerpiece of which is a chandelier made of red bottles. Interestingly, the bars don’t have seats – instead, customers gather and mingle around some tall, circular tables or spill out into the street.

Paladin Ristorante Wrocław

Halo Wrocław!Jeśli w tym pięknym mieście są jacyś wielbiciele anchois to mamy dla Was specjalną ofertę na…

Gepostet von Paladin Ristorante Wrocław am Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2019

The latest place to try and make use of the compact premises on pl. Solny (which was formerly a shop) is Italian restaurant Paladin. 

On first looks alone, the pizza doesn’t appear to be a match for any of the city’s finest pizzerias. The rest of the menu doesn’t hold too many surprises either.

That said, it does have a nice location and an elegant setting – so it could still go down well with tourists at least.



Balkan food is increasingly making its presence felt in Wrocław, as evidenced by the arrival of Yugo – a new casual Balkan restaurant.

Admittedly, the photos on Yugo’s Facebook page don’t make for good ‘food porn’. Even so, the eatery merely aims to be a no-nonsense Balkan fast-food place, so there’s no need to expect Instagram perfection here.

The most important thing is of course the food, so let us know if it passes the taste test!



Located on Sikorskiego street nearby Sikorskiego bridge is Odra’zuu – a rather sleek looking modern cafe. 

The food appears to follow a similar pattern to the interior – clean and refined yet nothing really out of the ordinary.

W S H O K U • Sushi • Ramen Bar

Last but not least, we have the latest Ramen place to hit town. For those familiar with the Japanese food scene in town, Wshoku Wrocław is actually an evolution of the long standing sushi restaurant Sakana. 

Given the fashion for Ramen, Sakana now enjoys a new identity and varied menu but keeps its pleasant interior intact. Besides ramen you can also enjoy sushi, snacks and salads. They also have 3 Japanese beers to choose from too. 

All of the venues in this article were compiled with the aid of info from the excellent food blog wroclawskiejedzenie.pl and its sister page wroclovefood.pl.

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