Extinction Rebellion To Organise Wrocław ‘Die-in’ On Friday

The Wrocław branch of environmental group Extinction Rebellion are holding a ‘die-in‘ protest on Oławska street this Friday.  

As part of Extinction Rebellion’s tactics of “disruptive civil disobedience”, the socio-political group plan to have 200 people lying down on Oławska street. By doing so, the activists would effectively render one of the city’s most popular pedestrianised streets impassable. 

We are unprepared for the danger our future holds. We face floods, wildfires, extreme weather, crop failure, mass displacement and the breakdown of society. The time for denial is over. It is time to act.

Conventional approaches of voting, lobbying, petitions and protest have failed because powerful political and economic interests prevent change. Our strategy is therefore one of non-violent, disruptive civil disobedience – a rebellion.

Extinction Rebellion

The so-called ‘die-in’ will take place at 5pm on Friday and last for approximately 15 minutes. 

According to tuwroclaw.com, the organizers of Die-In Wrocław  want Wrocław’s President to adopt resolutions to target environmental problems. They also want Jacek Sutryk to organize a civil panel that would suggest solutions to combat pollution, waste and other environmental issues.

The official Facebook event page for the demonstration features a scathing attack on the Polish Government’s environmental record. In particular, the event description cites the group’s anger over Poland’s overuse of coal and the destruction of the Bialowieza Forest. 

Gregor Gowans

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