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Wrocław Good Beer Festival 2019: The Uncut Guide

Everything you need to know about the highlight of Wrocław's craft beer calendar

This weekend’s Wroclaw Good Beer Festival at Stadion Wrocław is once again set to attract huge crowds of hopheads as well as craft beer newbies.

Here’s our guide to the event:

When is it on?

The festival starts this Friday (June 7th) at 4pm and runs through until Sunday. On Saturday the festival opens up at 12 noon and stays open until midnight while on Sunday the site is open between 12-8pm.

How can I get there?

By car

Obviously drinking and driving can not be encouraged under any circumstances, but if you have a driver willing to stay off the booze, you can get there by driving up Legnicka street, continuing on from Lotnicza and then turning off at the junction before reaching ul. Kosmonautów.

There is a multi-storey car park next to the Stadium and outdoor parking on Królewiecka street too.

By train

The quickest way to get there for some will be by train, with the journey taking about 13 minutes from Wrocław Główny. If you have an Urban Card with a long term ticket, don’t forget that the journey is free as the card is valid on all regional trains within the city limits.

Regional trains that go to Głogów, Wołów, Ścinawa and Zielona Góra​ all stop at the stadium.

By tram or bus

Using the local public transport will be the most popular choice for those attending the festival, so expect a few packed trams and buses at peak times.

From the centre you can take tram lines number 3, 10, 20, 31 and 33, as well as buses 103, 128, 403, and 435. Due to the sheer amount of traffic expected on the road, the tram is probably a much better bet. 

What should I take with me?  








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Well, all you really need is enough cash for the beer! Prices are likely to range from 7 to 20zl for a large glass depending on how ‘craft’ or exotic the beer is.

One useful item to take with you is a beer glass. It isn’t absolutely necessary as the staff at each beer stall will gladly serve you a beer in a plastic one, but who really wants to drink out of one of them?

Another option is to buy a glass at the festival itself, which would also be a nice souvenir to take back with you. There are handy glass-washers on site, allowing you to keep your glass clean and enjoy the full flavour of your next beer.

What beers will they have?

If truth be told, the first few editions of the Wroclaw Good Beer festival didn’t boast the most varied selection of beer, with the options mostly limited to various similarly tasting slavic lagers.

However in the last 7 or 8 years a craft beer revolution has taken Poland by storm, and now the festival has countless different brews for beer snobs to choose from.







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Nowadays the festival is home to around 70 stands offering over 500 draft beers from 150 small and medium-sized breweries, a reasonable number of which are premieres. 

Just about every type of beer will be available, including lagers, pilsners, wheat beers, stouts, amber ales, fruit beers, porters, and IPAs

To get an idea of what to expect, check out our monthly craft beer reviews.

To find out where your idea stall is, check out the festival plan below. 


What kind of food will they have?








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In past years the festival had no shortage of the usual Polish alcohol soaking grub on offer, such as bread with smalec and pickled cucumber, bigos, sausages and grilled meats. They’ll inevitably be more of that again this year.

The choice is likely to be a lot greater than that however, so don’t be surprised to see some of the city’s prominent food trucks parked somewhere on the stadium’s concourse. 

What else is going on?


Fancy learning more about the art of home-brew? During the festival you can learn how to brew beer by participating in the festival’s brewing workshops.

There will be beer-themed exhibitions and lectures given during the festival too.







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Beer Tourism Zone

At the festival’s beer tourism zone you can find out where to take in a brewery tour and learn about Europe’s top beer destinations.

On top of that, the zone informs visitors where they can discover the history and techniques of brewing, drink in the unique pubs, enjoy the finest beer cuisine or even take a relaxing bath at a beer SPA.

Live music

The beer festival boasts a variety of live music performed by bands throughout Lower Silesia. On each evening a DJ will also be on hand to spin the soundtrack for the weekend.

The full programme of events is available here

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