Wrocław Nurse In Stable Condition After Stabbing

A Wrocław nurse is recovering in hospital after being stabbed in the back 3 times by a 17-year-old patient.

Karolina Stocka-Mycek, the head of the District Prosecutor’s office, told Gazeta Wrocławska yesterday that the nurse had been transported to Borowska hospital for treatment. Her life is not in danger.

The Incident occurred at around 10pm on Wednesday evening in the Chałbińskiego street hospital, located between Pl. Grunwaldzki and the Zoo.

The man responsible for the attack is Strzegom resident Krystian B, photographed above. He sprinted out of the hospital after the stabbing but was tracked down  by the police roughly 12 hours later.

It is not known how the man came to be in possession of a knife, or why he carried out the sickening attack.

Unconfirmed reports cited in Gazeta Wrocławska suggest that the attacker had been transferred from Borowska hospital. He is thought to have been admitted after taking so called ‘dopalacze’ or afterburner drugs.

Bogusław Beck, the deputy director for health care at the Medical University Hospital in Wrocław, told Gazeta Wrocławska yesterday that the man “had used psychoactive drugs, but at the time of the attack he was not influenced by them.”

The attacker now faces being jailed for 25 years for attempted murder. 

Gregor Gowans

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