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Lviv’s ‘Drunken Cherry’ Chain Comes To Wrocław

Ukraine’s famous cherry liqueur is coming to Wrocław courtesy of ‘Drunken Cherry’, a Lviv-based bar that’s morphed into a chain in recent years. 

The Drunken Cherry bar has been a popular spot on the tourist map in Lviv for some time, particularly among Polish tourists. In the last couple of years the bar have really tapped into this fanfare by opening branches in Kiev, Warsaw and Kraków.

Now it’s Wrocław’s turn as the Drunken Cherry chain have set up shop on the market square – moving into the premises left vacant by Candy Club.

The bar’s signature drink is obviously based on cherries, however it also includes a touch of cognac. A glass costs 9zł according to tuwrocław.com.

Strong red-lighting typically dominates a Drunken Cherry pub’s interior, the centerpiece of which is a chandelier made of red bottles. Interestingly, the bars don’t have seats – instead, customers gather and mingle around some tall, circular tables or spill out into the street.

Gregor Gowans

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