Vegan Bar In Nadodrze Wrecked By Vandals

Vandals have taken aim at a vegan gastropub in Nadodrze, smashing its windows and smearing its walls with offensive and nationalist graffiti. 

The venue that fell victim to the attack was Browar Sabotaż, located on Kurkowa street. The bar serves vegan food and craft beer as well as hosting a number of cultural and social events. 

The bar is frequented and run by alternative types not shy of expressing their liberal and socialist views, something that may have angered nationalist groups in Wrocław. 

The vandals sprayed a white power symbol on the bar’s door as well as a penis and a couple of swear words on the walls. Bricks and stones were also used to smash the pub’s windows. 

The owners now face a bill of several thousand złotys to repair the damage. 

Unfortunately attacks of vandalism on vegan, alternative and foreign-owned venues in Wrocław have become more noticeable in recent years. 

Back in March, established alternative bar and music venue Firlej was targeted – the words “f*ck feminism” were sprayed on the door alongside a couple of white power symbols. A month earlier, a Ukrainian restaurant was defaced by anti-Semitic graffiti.  

Last year Najadacze on Nożownicza street was also targeted vandals, who sprayed white power symbols on the vegan restaurant’s walls. 

2017 also saw a spate of foreign-owned venues being targeted by vandals, who defaced the Spanish library, an Egyptian restaurant and a kebab house

Gregor Gowans

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