Disturbing Documentary Hones In On Pedophilia In The Polish Church

A chilling documentary by Tomasz Sekielski has exposed numerous cases of pedophilia in the Polish church, as well attempts to cover them up. 

The two-hour-long film “Just don’t tell Anyone” is free to watch on YouTube and contains English subtitles. It has racked up an incredible 6.8 million views since it was released on Saturday. 

The movie contains a number of testimonies from victims and some dramatic scenes in which the victims confront the very priests who had abused them. 

In one traumatic encounter caught on secret cameras, a woman confronts a retired priest who had sexually abused her when she was 7 years old. The priest from Kielce admits to his crimes and expresses a degree of guilt and remorse, but still appears oblivious as to the sheer mental torture caused by his abuse.

During his attempt at an apology, the priest even asks to kiss the woman’s hand. He also implies that he would be willing to give financial compensation in order for the case to remain private. Moments later, the victim storms out of the interview in tears.

In another chilling altercation recorded secretly, Franciszek Cybula, who served as presidential chaplain to Lech Wałęsa, admits to having sexual encounters with an altar boy aged 12. During the recording, Cybula says that he “never crossed any lines” with his actions and that the victim “had appetite”. 

The film also reveals how a convicted pedophile priest was allowed back into the church after serving his 2-year prison sentence. He was even permitted to have contact with children – despite there being a court order banning him from doing so. 

In addition, the documentary shows a letter from a bishop who admits to being aware of the sexual abuse of one of his priests. The bishop said that he was “familiar with the case” and that it was a “sad situation”. However he merely finishes his letter by saying that the priest will be moved to another parish. No further disciplinary action was taken.

The aforementioned cases are just a snippet of some of the film’s examples of alleged pedophilia in the Polish Church. The sexual abuse cases cover all areas of the country, including Wrocław. 

The film has already made huge waves in the country after attracting just shy of 7 million views.

Hours after the film was released, the Vatican announced that convicted pedophile priest Paweł. K had been expelled from the church. By the time of the announcement yesterday, the former Wrocław priest had already served 4 of his 7 years in jail. 

On Saturday, as statement regarding the film was also issued by the chairman of the Polish Bishops’ Conference, Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki:

“On behalf of the entire Episcopate Conference, I would like to apologize to all the victims, and I realize that nothing can compensate them for the wrongs they have suffered.”

Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki

Not everyone in the church has been so apologetic however. Archbishop Głódź stated that he “hasn’t seen any of it at all,” while Archbishop Jędraszewski referred to the film as “a lie of great politics”.

Gregor Gowans

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