Majowka 2019 In Wrocław: What’s On?

The May bank holiday period is almost here and as ever, there is no shortage of things to do!

This year Poland’s two May public holidays, Labour Day and Constitution Day, fall on Wednesday and Friday. That means anyone wise enough to book Thursday off can take a holiday as long as 5 days.

It also means that there is a multitude of events taking place between the 1st and 5th of May. So if you’re staying in Wrocław during this time, you can find plenty of opportunities to enjoy some of the city’s diverse cultural offerings.

Here’s a summary of just some of the events you can enjoy in this time:

Opening of Nocny Targ Tęczowa

Wrocław will once again be home to a summer night market thanks to the arrival of ‘Nocny Targ Tęczowa’, which makes its debut this Wednesday.

Night markets first showed up in Wrocław in the summer of 2017, but so far none of them have managed to resurface the following summer.’Nocny Bazar’ was first of that bunch, but it ended not long after it found itself overshadowed by the larger-scale ‘Gastro Nocki’ at Świedodzki station. Gastro Nocki proved popular, however it too failed to return the following summer. Last year a new initiative named ‘Peron 3’ tried to pick up where Gastro Nocki left off, only to be become the latest night market to fall by the wayside. 

In 2019 it’s the turn of ‘Nocny Targ Tęczowa’ to see if they can make a night market a permanent fixture in Wrocław. They have chosen a similar location that ‘Nocny Bazar’ did back in 2017 – Tęczowa street (nr 65 to be precise).

This latest night market is nonetheless looking to do a lot more than all its predecessors. On top of a wide-range of food trucks, they’ll also be stalls selling vinyl, plus film screenings, concerts and even a dancefloor.

The market will run from Thursday-Sunday, with the exception of its opening day on Majówka, which is of course a Wednesday. The market will be open from 4pm until 3am this Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Sunday the market will shut up shop a little earlier, at 10pm. 

Return of open-air cinema to Wyspa Słodowa

Open-air cinema is back on Wyspa Słodowa and will likely be a regular fixture every weekend over the summer.

The sceenings get underway on May 1st with Italian Drama The Great Beauty,  followed by German comedy Toni Erdmann on Thursday. You can find the full schedule of screenings, which run between the 1st and 5th of May, here

All films not already in Polish will be screened with Polish subtitles.

The screenings start each night at 9.00pm. Please note that drinking alcohol or smoking on the site is not permitted. The screenings may also be cancelled if heavy rain or a storm is expected.

Live Jazz On Wyspa Słodowa


Before the film screenings take place on Wyspa Słodowa you can enjoy a variety of Jazz concerts from different local musicians. Each gig kicks off at 5pm.

Majowka at Partynice Racecourse


There will be no horse racing at Partynice on the first 3 days of May, but they are organising a special picnic event.

On the grounds of the racecourse they’ll be local market stalls, foodtrucks and various sporting activities for kids. 

World Guitar Record

A total of 7411 guitarists played Jimi Hendrix’s Hey Joe in unison on the Rynek last year, breaking the previous world guitar record set here in Wroclaw in 2016 by 55 people.

The annual Thanks Jimi Festival, which incorporates the world guitar record attempt, has become a popular May holiday tradition in Wroclaw – one that regularly attracts guitarists from all over the country and beyond. The event has now been running for 17 years.

This year veteran English rock band Slade will take part in the World Record attempt. They will also perform at the 3 Majowka festival, which you can find more info on below.

Concerts at Pergola


Another big part of the Majowka holiday period in Wrocław are the 3 Majowka concerts held at Pergola on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of May. As we mentioned earlier, Slade will perform on the opening night alongside legendary Polish outfit Coma and metal bands Napalm Death and Therion.

On the second day you can catch performances by electro-pop group the Dumplings, Indie band Clock Machine and established Polish rock band IRA. The third night contains a number of familiar faces too in the shape of Kult, Happy Sad and O.S.T.R.

Festival day tickets cost 90zł and are available to buy online here. 3 day tickets are also available. 

Opening of the Horse Racing season (May 5th)


Horse racing returns to Wrocław’s Partynice Racecourse on May 5th, when a number of attractions are planned for the 2019 season opener. 

The racecourse, one of just 3 in Poland, is the only place in the country where steeplechase races are held. One the defining features of the racecourse is its picturesque vintage architecture, including a cosy tearoom building and a wooden grandstand, both of which were built in 1907. 

On Sunday 7 races with take place, during which several several dozen riders will battle it out in both flat and hurdle racing, as well as the steeplechase.

The races are scattered across a 6 hour period, during which a number of other attractions are to take place. Everything gets underway at 2pm and entry is free. 

In order to get to Partynice via public transport, you’ll need to to use a combination of tram and bus. From the centre, take tram numbers 6,7,2 or 17 to Krzyki. Once there you can then take bus number 113 or 612 to Partynice – the race course is just a five minute walk from the bus stop. 

Horse Racing in many other parts of the world is often perceived as a snobbish, upper class sport, where posh frocks and pretentious top-hats are very much the order of the day. The same can’t be said of the scene at Partynice race course however: the entry is free and a formal dress code is only encouraged, not strictly applied. This relaxed vibe helps to draw in casual punters and creates an easy-going atmosphere that will strike a chord with people of all ages.

There are several bookies on site, including in the concourse of the main grandstand. To get to know the odds of the runners, there are several screens with the number of the horse and the corresponding odds next to it in the table. To make a bet, simply go to the counter and name your horse, the race it’s participating in, and your stake. You can also see the jockeys escorting their horses in the parade area before the race, which may give you an indication as to who you should put your money on.

A day at the races in Partynice is certainly a pleasant day out and well worth trying if you haven’t been before. There is very much a ‘picnic’ style atmosphere in the grounds as well, making it ideal for families. 

Opening of Urban Garden rooftop bar

A new bar named ‘Urban Garden’ is set to open on the roof of Wrocław’s Renoma shopping centre this Thursday evening.

The official opening of the bar will feature a ticketed concert by Jazz outfit the Vertigo Band. You can get tickets for the gig, which cost 30zł each, on the Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant website

As of Friday May 3rd, Urban Garden will be open to the public with no entrance fee. According to tuwroclaw.com, the bar will span 500 square metres and have 200 seating places.

The rooftop bar is to open between 12pm and 10pm from Sunday-Thursday and until midnight on Friday and Saturday evenings.

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