What’s Open During Easter Weekend In Wrocław?

Wrocław does quieten over Easter as shops close and city dwellers depart to visit family, but you needn’t panic- here’s some info on what’s open.


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A noticeable contingent Wrocław’s international community tend to express panic on social media during public holidays as shops close. One or two even seem surprised at the likes of Ikea not being open. The panic isn’t really justified though, as most shops will only be closed for 2 days – just one more than on a normal weekend nowadays. 

Obviously the best thing to do is to stock up on anything you really need in advance of the Easter weekend. All shops will be open on Friday and Saturday as normal.

If you do happen to need some basic items, selected convenience stores will be open. Polish law only allows the owner or his/her family to run such stores on public holidays, so unfortunately a number of small shops will still be closed. However, petrol station shops will be open, so you can get a few essentials there instead.

Pubs, clubs and restaurants


Just like the shops, most pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes will be open on Friday and Saturday. 

On Sunday however, the vast majority will be closed. On Monday a few more places will likely be open, but again the majority will remain shut.

To find your favourite venue’s opening hours, check their Facebook page or send them a private message/email. In most cases, if somewhere hasn’t advertised special opening hours during Easter, you can assume they will be shut.

If any restaurant is going to be open on Sunday or Monday,  it will likely to be a foreign-owned venue run by staff who would not normally celebrate Easter. A good example of that is Baku Lounge, which was open all weekend last Easter. If you fancy a curry in town this Easter weekend, there is a decent chance it will be doable too. Thali for example, are opening all of their branches on Monday from 1pm.

In terms of clubs, expect the most mainstream places to be open. Manana traditionally keep going through the Easter, and this year it is no different. X-Demon will be open too.

As for pubs, unfortunately we don’t have to much info on that at the time of writing. We do know however that Academus, one of our recommended venues, is open from 4pm on Monday.

Cinemas, gyms and other attractions

1935 Brama główna terenów wystawowych

Most cinemas will be open on Friday, Saturday and Monday, while the Aquapark will be open on Monday. The Zoo and Kolejkowo miniature railway will stay open throughout the weekend, as will McFit gyms.

Here’s a brief summary of what you’ll find open and when:


All cinemas will be open on Friday, Saturday and Monday, with the exception of DCF, which is closed on Saturday.

Other attractions:

  • Wrocław Zoo, open all weekend
  • Kolejkowo miniature railway expo, open all weekend
  • Wrocław Aquapark, from 14.00
  • Japanese Garden, open all weekend
  • Botanical Gardens, open all weekend


  • All McFit branches, open 24/7
  • All Fitness Academy branches, from 13.00 to 20.00 on Monday

Parks and public spaces

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It goes without saying that all the parks and public spaces will still be accessible as normal. Obviously we are not trying to insult your intelligence by mentioning this fact, but rather just recommend a walk around some of the city’s nicest areas. 

The weather should be sunny and warm all weekend, so why not take advantage of that by having a stroll on a day when the streets and parks will likely be very quiet?

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