School Pupils Organise Demonstration To Support Teacher Strike

Tomorrow at 5pm pupils from numerous Wrocław schools will gather outside the Urząd Wojewódzki to show solidarity with the teacher strike. 

Some teacher salaries are lower than those of Biedronka cashiers, and given the rise in inflation in recent years, their pay-packets look worse than ever.

That prompted trade unions to demand raises more or less equivalent to 1,000zł per month, something Poland’s PiS government have been unwilling to budge on. So far there are few signs that the deadlock between the unions and the government will be resolved soon.  

As many as 85% of Wrocław’s schools have been affected by the strike, which started on Monday. Some exams have also been disrupted as a result. 

To try and mitigate the effect of the strike, Wrocław City Council have been organising a number of special extra-curricular classes at places like the Zoo, Stadion Wrocław, the Hydropolis and the Aquapark.

Families across the country have been making alternative arrangements to make sure their children are looked after during the strike. In cases where grandparents or other family members have not been able to lend a hand, many parents have had to take time off work.

As well as protesting against low teacher salaries, the demonstrators will also call for reforms to Poland’s outdated education system. The official Facebook invite for the event reads as follows:

We are fed up with the fact that Polish politicians want to skimp on our education.

We have quite an outdated program that teaches us to memorize instead of giving us knowledge useful in life and in work.

We have quite low teacher salaries and conditions that make teachers overworked.

Therefore, on Tuesday, we will meet at the Provincial Office to show our support for the teachers’ strike. It’s time for politicians to listen to those who know the most about education – the students!

Strajk Uczniowski! Wrocław

Gregor Gowans

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