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Wrocław’s Beach Bar Season To Kick Off Today

Wrocław’s warm start to spring is ‘springing’ beach bars into action faster than ever before – one open-air venue is even set to open as soon as today.

According to Gazeta Wrocławska, Zazoo Beach Bar will be the first beach bar to reopen after winter.  It is located behind the zoo nearby Zwierzyniecka footbridge and is set to open at 5pm this evening. 

A week later, Hotspot is then expected to open up in its plot at the foot of the millennium bridge. Other beach bars set to return in the near future are Forma Plynna and Prosto z Mostu

This is certainly the earliest we can remember beach bars opening in Wrocław. Last year saw beach bar season kick off in 3rd weekend of April, which at the time was an even earlier start than had been the case in previous years.  

Presumably they won’t be the only ones either; last year saw the beach bar scene explode in Wrocław and we expect pretty much all of them to open again. 

On top of that, we do know that there will be at least one new outdoor bar. On April 27th, the pond that lies next to Kunickiego street will be home to Hydroplan Beach Bar

For more info on all of Wrocław’s beach bars (well, at least the ones that opened last year), check out our ultimate summer bar guide

Gregor Gowans

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