Man Faces Imprisonment For Mugging Prospective Prostitute Clients

A man from Wrocław is facing a possible 3-year jail term after successfully plotting to mug a man who had agreed to pay for sex.

Twenty-year-old Tomasz. P admitted to robbing 300zł from one man, but denies using a knife. He also admitted that as many as 7 other men have fallen victim to him. 

According to Gazeta Wrocławska, Tomasz. P went through the process of stealing images of women on Instagram to make fake profiles on various websites. He then used those fake profiles to organise meetings with men willing to pay for sex. It is thought that Tomasz and his friends made as many 6 of these profiles.

Tomasz claims his actions were a response to rumours of a prostitute called Weronika being beaten up by a bald man roughly 190cm tall. In a ‘Liam Neeson style’ revenge bid, Tomasz used the fake profiles to attract and then mug men who matched the description of the alleged attacker. 

One man ended up being caught out twice by Tomasz. On the second of those occasions, the robbery victim agreed to meet the woman in one of the fake profiles in a housing estate near Borowska street. He was to bring 400zł and bottle of wine. However, when the man arrived, Tomasz is alleged to have jumped out of a nearby bush with a knife and demanded money.

Tomasz has apologised to the victim and offered to give the money back. The verdict of the case will be delivered on Friday.

Gregor Gowans

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