Lower Silesia’s PiS-led Government Look Set To Scrap NFM Funding

Wrocław’s National Forum of Music (NFM) is bracing itself for a massive budget cut amid strong rumours the regional government is set to withdraw its financial support.

The rumours have been circulating for some time and appear to be gathering momentum. There are nonetheless no signs that Poland’s PiS-led central Government will remove their funding of the NFM. The city will also continue to fund the state-of-the-art music venue.

Yesterday the director of the NFM, Andrzej Kosendiak, explained that he had arranged a meeting with the regional government’s deputy speaker in order to clarify the situation. However the meeting was cancelled – further fueling the speculation that the NFM will lose a significant chunk of its funding.

According to Kosendiak, the NFM is loss making. It earns 13.5 million zł per year and receives 12.5 million zł from the city. The Polish Government gives over 10 million zł and the Lower Silesian Government 8.6 million zł.

Kosendiak believes that the loss of funds from the regional government means the NFM will have to liquidate three festivals, with the flagship Wratislavia and Jazztopad not safe from execution.

Alternatively,  Kosendiak says the NFM could make its resident musicians redundant to make up for the shortfall. That would mean the end of the NFM choir, the Leopoldinum Orchestra and the Wrocław Baroque Orchestra as well as the NFM’s Philharmonic Orchestra.

Even if the NFM do make those cutbacks in order to be profitable, they could reportedly encounter even more financial issues. This is due to the fact that the venue would likely fail to meet the 5-year performance criteria stipulated in the EU subsidy agreement. That could in turn result in some of the subsidy money having to be returned.

If the rumours turn out to be true, the loss of funding would come as another blow to the cutting-edge music complex. Back in 2017, the NFM lost its main sponsor when state owned company KGHM decided to terminate their agreement.

Gregor Gowans

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