How To Travel Across Europe By Train From Wrocław

Looking to travel from Wrocław to other countries throughout Europe? If so, here’s our extensive guide to all the various offers available!

The Czech Republic

Train Prague Steel Station Building

Unfortunately there is no direct Eurocity style to train from Wrocław to Prague. On top of that, things have become a little more complex than they used to be. However, it is still possible to travel there by train.

Previously, you only needed to change trains once at the eerily quiet Usti Nad Orlici station nearby Pardubice. Now, someone unfathomably, the direct trains to Usti Nad Orlici are gone and may not return until December.

As it stands, you need to take a train to either Międzylesie or Lichkov before hopping on the next service to Usti Nad Orlici.

To buy tickets for the train to Prague or elsewhere in the Czech Republic, you should in theory go to the international ticket office in Wrocław​ Glowny. On arrival, you’ll probably give you a spiel on one of PKP or Inter Regio’s offers. You can nonetheless save yourself time and money by bypassing these offers and buying tickets online via Czech rail‘s website. Alternatively, you can use the Můj vlak app on Google Play or Apple App Store.

It is not as complicated as it looks, as I shall explain.

First all, you need to buy a ticket to the border town Międzylesie. This costs just under 24zl. You can buy your ticket online, on the Koleo App (AndroidIOS) or at any regular window in the train station.


Next, head to the Czech Rail website and choose Lichkov as the starting station. Then input your destination (e.g Prague). A ticket from the border to Prague costs roughly 249 crowns, which is around 42zl. The only other fee necessary is the 8zl border crossing ticket. You many not even need to pay that though, as some conductors are oblivious to the fact the fee actually exists (or they just get off at the border).

The route down to Usti Nad Orlici allows you to change trains and pretty much travel anywhere in the country.

Another practical train route into the Czech Republic from Wrocław​ actually goes through Germany first, with Liberec your likely destination. You can get cheap rail tickets there by taking advantage of the Euro Nysa offer, which you can read about in our previous article.

Last but not least, there’s also the summer specials to Trutnov and Adrspach, which start on April 27th. You can use the 35zł Koleje Dolnośląskie tickets to get to both destinations and back. For more info on Trutnov, check out this archive article.

Trutnov schemat 2016 trutnow tabela 600px

The ability to buy tickets for the Czech Republic online brings a lot of ease of travel. You can plan your trip ahead and not worry about the language barriers you may face a ticket booth. 

You must remember two important things though. The first is of course to bring the document you used as ID for your printed ticket. The second is to not fold the barcode that the conductor must scan.

Slovakia and Austria

The other advantage of the Czech Rail website is the possibility to buy tickets to Bratislava (which cost 49zl) and Vienna (priced between 84zl – 128zl).


When it comes to the return journey from The Czech Republic or Slovakia, just repeat the process. If you travel to Vienna however, you’ll need to get yourself a 19 or 24 euros sparday promotion to Prague from the Austrian Rail website as well as purchasing your remaining Czech and Polish tickets.

For those living elsewhere in Poland, PKP also have an offer for passengers departing from Krakow and Warsaw (you can purchase those at the international desk at the station):


On top of that, there is of course the new sleeper train that connects Wrocław and Vienna. In theory, the timetable allows passengers travelling on Friday and Sunday the chance to spend virtually the whole weekend in Austria’s capital.

The train departs Wrocław for Vienna at 22.46, arriving at precisely 7am – allowing you to head straight to a cafe for a pastry and Viennese coffee. The journey home begins at 22.10, with the night train pulling into Wrocław Głowny just after 5am.

You can buy a ticket for the night-train in both directions via the Austrian Railways website. Prices vary wildly depending on whether you take a standard seat or sleep in a private cabin.



Budapest East Station 2

To get to Budapest via train during the day, simply use the same method above. Visit the Czech Rail website and buy a ticket from Lichkov to Budapest.


For the return journey, you can order a 19 euros ticket from Budapest to Prague on the Hungarian Rail website. Please note it is not possible to print at home – you must print it at the station using a ticket machine and special code. Then buy your return journey via the Czech and Polish websites as we mentioned earlier.

Alternatively, you can of course take one of the sleeper trains. Back in December a new night-train running between Berlin and Budapest started operations. It stops at Wrocław in both directions! Tickets cost between 29 and 129 euros depending on whether you take a regular seat or a cabin. 

There is also a sleeper train to Kraków. The offer is explained below in this snapshot from the PKP website (you can purchase the tickets at the international desk at the station):



Berlin Hauptbahnhof oben RB+S-Bahn

To get to the border area of Germany, use the Euro-Nysa offer that we have previously written about.

For a trip to Dresden, Koleje Dolnośląskie do a special day return for 109zl and a normal return for 139zl. For those travelling in groups, a group ticket allowing travel for 5 persons is available for 299zl. 

If you are travelling to Berlin at the weekend Koleje Dolnośląskie’s ‘culture train’ is another option. Tickets for that cost the equivalent of 19 euros.

To get to Berlin or elsewhere in Germany, Deutsche Bahn also do a number of promotional tickets. These are explained in the image below and can be booked online:


Denmark, Sweden, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg

Copenhagen Central Station 20090503-DSCF1861

Yes, it is a little bit bonkers – but if you can stomach a 13 hour train journey you can travel from Wroclaw via train to places as far afield as Zurich or Paris. The prices are not super cheap, but some of the promotions are very reasonable when you consider the quality of the trains and the distances involved.

So, how is it possible? Using Deutsche Bahn’s website you can buy and print international tickets to numerous countries bordering Germany (and beyond).

Sometimes these international tickets cost as little as 39 euros. Then it’s just a case of getting yourself a ticket to Görlitz, which is priced around 27zl. Most of the offers we found were 59 euros, but some return journeys cost just 39.

All of these trips are pretty hardcore train journeys of course, and there are cheap flights to many of these places. That said, some travelers love rail journeys and if you have the time then why not? It is also good to know if you or your fellow traveler are afraid of flying. 



Lviv Railway station

PKP Intercity run a night-train from Wrocław to Lviv. Tickets cost 52.50 euros for a place in a 3-bed sleeping cabin. The journey does take rather long though at 12 hours and 40 minutes. On top of that, there are two border checks rather early in the morning, so it could be tough to get some decent kip.

Alternatively, you can travel during the day. The quickest route takes 9 hours and the cost of a ticket from the border to Lviv is 6.50 euros. The tickets can be purchased at any Polish train station with an international ticket window.

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