Man Arrested For Xenophobic Attack On Two Ukrainian Citizens

A 24-year-old has been arrested after he assaulted two Ukrainians because they were not talking in Polish.

According to reports in Gazeta Wrocławska and tuwroclaw.com, the incident occurred on Monday on tram 5 heading in the direction of Księże Małe. 

The individual who carried out the attack is alleged to have done so because the two Ukrainians were talking in their native language.

After receiving some verbal abuse from the man, the two Ukrainian citizens decided to defuse the situation by getting off the tram. However the man who was dishing out the verbal abuse decided to follow them. Things then escalated as the man lashed out at the Ukrainians.

One of the victims of the attack even needed assistance from an ambulance to treat his injuries.

Believe it or not, the attacker was later arrested by the local police force in connection with other crimes – he already had 3 arrest warrants to his name. The police realised the man was the same person who carried out the attack after they studied CCTV footage from the tram.

The maximum sentence for a xenophobic attack in Poland is 5 years in jail. Even so, in recent times a few men guilty of such an attack have been handed punishments as lenient as 10-months of community service.

Gregor Gowans

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