Galeria Dominikanska Stabbing – Latest Info

The man who brutally murdered a Turkish Erasmus student in Galeria Dominikanska will remain in custody before standing trial. He has admitted his guilt and faces a 25-year jail sentence. 

29-year-old Muhamet. E (also a Turkish citizen) was arrested minutes after he stabbed 20-year-old Furkan. K multiple times in McDonald’s in Galeria Dominikanska on Saturday. The police were also assisted by some brave locals who chased after the killer.

Małgorzata Klaus, a spokesperson of Wrocław prosecutor’s office, has stated that Furkan. K was stabbed in the stomach, chest, abdominal cavity, shoulders, back, left arm and neck.

According to eye-witness reports cited in Gazeta Wyborcza, the killer shouted “Turks must die” the moment he pulled out the knife.

Before being apprehended by the police, Muhamet. E threw his knife down into the Dominikanski tunnel. Gazeta Wyborcza claim that the knife, which is 20cm in long and 3cm wide, actually stuck into the body of one vehicles travelling through the tunnel.

Multiple reports say Furkan is a 20-year-old student of International Relations at the University of Seljuk in Konya, southern Turkey. Little over a month ago he arrived in Legnica as part of the Erasmus + exchange program. 

Furkan is said to have been in Wrocław on Saturday on a day trip with a friend. The killer reportedly moved in on Furkan when his friend momentarily left to go the toilet. By the time Furkan’s companion returned from the toilets, the tragic affair had already unfolded.

Furkan’s accompanying friend is currently receiving help from a psychologist, as are some of the other Erasmus students who knew the victim.

Reports in the Turkish media were quick to say that the attacker is a supporter of a Kurdish-militant group. However the Polish authorities have decided not to reveal any details on the killer’s motive at this moment in time. It is therefore not yet possible to officially verify the claims in the Turkish media. 

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