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Piwo Uncut: Five Beers To Try Before Spring

In order to bring you reviews of the most interesting and flavour packed beers currently on the go, we’ve teamed up with Marynka Piwo i Aperitivo, the city’s best venue for craft beer and pizza.

This month we’re reviewing Esteban APA, GoedemorgenZbicień ChmielowyTango z Mango and Double Impact.

Esteban APA, Inne Beczki (4.7%)


To start off with, here’s an American Pale Ale from established craft brewery Inne Beczki.

Esteban APA has a cloudy amber colour and a slight white head. The beer’s smell gives off strong notes of maracuja. The flavour is rather more complex; on the one side you’ve got the sweetness of maracuja and tropical fruit, while on the other there’s a distinct lemon and lime sourness. On top of that, notes of dry herbs, coriander and spices all add depth.

All in all, this is a genuinely good APA which will appeal to people who like a beer packed with juicy flavours.

Goedemorgen, Browar Trzech Kumpli (6.5%)


Our second beer of the month is an interesting hybrid of an IPA and Belgian Ale.

Trzech Kumpli’s Goedemorgen is cloudy biege in colour and sports a thick and frothy white-biege head. It also has a juicy aroma with a strong presence of tropical fruits, as well as citrus, biscuits and resin. 

Meanwhile the beer’s flavours are like a “who’s who?” list of tastes embodied by most IPAs; mango, resin, herbs, ester, orange and mandarin, with pink grapefruit standing out the most. Despite all these flavours, there is no confusion here – everything combines to a fruit cocktail effect that balances well with a typical Belgian spiciness and mild bitterness.

This is an ambitious effort from Trzech Kumpli, who have managed to pull off a very tasty and intriguing beer.

Zbicień Chmielowy, Browar Augustowska Miodosytnia (5%)


Marking their debut on the Piwo Uncut pages, this brewery from Augusta in the north east of Poland classes this effort as a Mead Beer.

Zbicień Chmielowy has a slight yellow/grey colour and an extremely thin head that sticks to the rim of the glass. In terms of the aroma, a good sniff yields notes of honey, citrus, vinegar and spice. The beer’s sweet honey nature (less sweet than mead) is nicely complimented by notes of herbs, spice and grass.

Just out of interest, Zbiteniam is a traditional eastern European beer from the days of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

It’s always nice to see a ‘new’ variation of beer on the market, albeit a historical one that is resurrected. This one’s tasty too – so there’s every reason to give it the thumbs up.

Tango z Mango, Browar Pracownia Piwa (6.7%)


Next up is a Fruit Ale from Pracownia Piwa, one of the breweries who kick-started Poland’s craft beer revolution a number of years ago. 

Tango z Mango has an orange body and orange-white head. The beer’s aroma features mango, orange and citrus. In terms of taste the beer is fairly juicy, with hints mango and orange juice present. This mixes nicely with the beer’s oatmeal and orange zest bitterness.

Although a relatively simple beer, Tango z Mango is still satisfyingly tangy and sweet.

Double Impact, Inne Beczki and Browar Brodacz (8%)


Finally, here’s a Double New England IPA from Inne Beczki and Browar Brodacz. 

Double Impact is amber in colour and embodies a creamy white head. The presence of orange, grapefruit, citrus and tropical fruits are all present in its flavours. The addition of lactose, mixed with hops, gives this an interesting sweetness of carrot juice and peach. Although the beer sports an apparent bitterness, it is not overly dominant and simply rests alongside the fruity and dry flavours.

A beer with an alcohol content of 8% could have flavours that overwhelm the palate, but in this case we have a perfectly balanced beer that sparkles on the tongue.

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Ian Maloy

Ian is a singing teacher who has been living in Wrocław for several years. Dobrze mówi po polsku. Ian can often be found in town eating excellent vegan/vegetarian food, drinking beer from micro-breweries, bird-watching around Lower Silesia, jogging by the Odra, lighting candles in the Russian Orthodox church and banging his head in various moshpits to Polish metal/hardcore bands.

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