Urząd Wojewódzki Lawsuits Mount Up As Foreigners Take Action

A report by Gazeta Wyborcza has found that in 2018 well over 100 foreigners sued the regional government for failing to process their resident permits on time. 

The article reveals that at least two foreigners have received compensation of over 2,000zł after they were forced to wait over a year for their applications to be processed. In both cases, the applicants were ignored and mistreated as they attempted to find information on their case.

The people running the regional office have long said that the reason for the delay is the sheer number of applications, plus the high amount of staff turnover. However the regional court have concluded the regional office is guilty of carrying out its work without due diligence.

The report also quoted local lawyer Radosz Pawlikowski, who claims he has been approached by over a dozen foreigners in recent weeks due to the residence permit situation.

Pawlikowski states that in the event of taking legal action, some foreigners can expect as much as 2-3,000zł compensation, plus a decision on their application within weeks.

Meanwhile, regional office spokesperson Sylwia Jurgiel has stated that work is being done to improve the residence card backlog. She says more employees are being hired and trained to work in the department for foreigners, while a new information portal will be launched later this month.

Gregor Gowans

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