Racist Attacker Sentenced To 10 Months Community Service

A man found guilty of a racist attack at a city-centre gym has been sentenced to 10 months  of community service. 

The attacker, known as Jan.P, was accused of carrying out a racially-motivated attack on an Angolan citizen in the McFit gym on Kazimierza Wielkiego last February. Prosecutors claimed that Jan.P had used offensive terms such as “czarnuch” during the incident.

Jan.P admitted to using racist language during his encounter with the Angolan, but only after he had been provoked.

However, eye witness statements tallied with the series of events that had been put forward by the prosecutor.

According to tuwroclaw.com, several witnesses of the incident confirmed that Jan.P had used racist terms such as “murzyn” and aggressively hit the Angolan in his chest and face. Witnesses also said that the attack and had been carried out “for no reason”.

The aforementioned witness statements convinced the judge that Jan.P was indeed guilty of a racially-motivated attack. Yesterday he was handed a sentence of 30 hours community service per month for 10 months.

Gregor Gowans

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