Wrocław’s Councilors Vote In Favour Of IVF Funding

On Thursday Wrocław’s councilors voted in favour of funding IVF treatment for city residents

Since the PiS Government’s amendments, IVF has only been available in Poland in areas where it is funded by local authorities.

During Rafał Dutkiewicz’s time in office the proposal to fund IVF was voted down by PiS councilors as well as some members of Dutkiewicz’s own party grouping.

However this time round supporters of the bill have managed to get it voted through. 21 councilors voted in favour of funding IVF, while 6 were against and 8 abstained. Of the 15 councilors who either abstained or voted against the bill, 13 came from PiS. The other two were from Rafał Dutkiewicz’s club.

The proposal allows couples resident in Wrocław to receive 5,000zł to help fund any necessary IVF treatment. This does not cover the full IVF costs however, as the treatment is estimated to cost around 7,500zł.

It is predicted that around 400 couples will benefit from the scheme.

Gregor Gowans

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