Free Rail Travel Offered To Drivers To Combat Smog

Koleje Dolnośląskie are allowing people with a valid driving licence to travel for free today and on other days when Wrocław’s air is deemed to be of poor quality.

The offer, which is valid within Wrocław’s city limits, becomes active when pollution exceeds 141 micrograms per cubic metre of air.

To travel for free, drivers need only take a valid driving licence and the document confirming their car has passed its MOT. They may also take a ‘passenger’ with them for no extra charge.

“Koleje Dolnośląskie, as a modern and socially responsible carrier, aims not only to provide transport, but also to cooperate in the field of environmental protection. This is reflected via our decision to grant free public transport to drivers in the event of high concentrations of air pollutants.”

Cezary Pacamaj, Vice President of Koleje Dolnośląskie

Car pollution is responsible for a fairly small proportion of Wrocław’s smog problems, which are mostly created by the burning of rubbish or poor quality fuel in people’s homes. That said, ‘every little helps’ appears to be the message from those inside Lower Silesia’s regional council. 

“We realise cars are not the main cause of bad air condition in our cities, however their exhaust fumes do exacerbate air quality. As far as the Board of the Lower Silesian Regional Council is concerned, if there is any way we can improve the comfort of living within Wrocław, say by reducing the number of cars on the roads, then appropriate action should be taken.”

Jerzy Michalak, member of the Lower Silesian Regional Board

The free public transport offer is already active and drivers can find out if it is available on a particular day by following Koleje Dolnośląskie’s website, Facebook page or Twitter page.


Those unfamilar with Wrocław’s rail links may refer to the map above to see if their work commute is doable by train. Timetables for trips can be found on the PKP website or via Jakdojade.

At this point it is also worth mentioning that Urbancard holders can also travel on Koleje Dolnośląskie services within Wrocław free of charge (regardless of the air quality).

Gregor Gowans

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