Another Record Year For Wrocław’s Bike Rental System

Nextbike, the operators of Wrocław’s bike rental system, have announced that the number of rentals in 2018 is higher than any previous year.

The bikes have reportedly been borrowed 1.1 million times so far in 2018, a figure that is expected to increase again next year. The bikes were used the most in the month of May, when they were rented 185,000 times. The average rental time per bike in 2018 is just under 18 minutes. .

The most popular bike stations are on Rondo Reagana, the Rynek, Wita Stwosza steet, Szewska street, outside Hala Targowa and on Świdnicka street.

On Friday at midnight the bikes will rounded up and taken away for winter maintenance. This time next year many of the bikes will nonetheless remain on the street – from 2019 the system is set to operate all year round.

This year the Nextbike scheme incorporated 82 stations and 820 bicycles. However in spring there will be an additional 18 bicycle stations and 180 bicycles. On top of that , another 65 ‘non-standard bicycles’ are to be made available. These include electric bikes, family bikes, cargo bikes, children’s bikes,  tandem bikes,  folding bikes and handbikes.

In addition to that, the bike rental scheme will undergo a mammoth increase in scale in June, with another 100 stations and 1000 bikes hitting the streets.

Gregor Gowans

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