Berlin-Wrocław ‘Culture Train’ To Continue For Another Year

The Berlin-Wrocław ‘Culture Train‘, which was introduced during Wrocław’s time as the European Capital of Culture, will continue for another year.

Following the loss of the regular Wrocław-Berlin Euro City train, authorities on both sides of the border joined forces to create a weekend service between the two cities in April 2016.

The special service was supposed to be discontinued in December 2016, however the popularity of the route has kept it open since then. Piotr Rachwalski of Koleje Dólnoslaśkie has now confirmed that talks are in place to keep the route open for another 12 months.

The original aim of the ‘Culture Train’ was to bring more Berliners to Wrocław’s cultural events in 2016. As a result, the departure times of the ‘Culture Train’ are better suited to Berliners coming to Wrocław rather than the other way around. The cross-border train leaves Berlin on weekends around 8.30am, returning in the opposite direction from Wrocław on Saturday at 6.50pm and Sunday at 5.22pm.

However Wrocławians looking to engineer a long weekend in the German capital, as well as travelling by train, will soon be able to use the new Austrian night train that runs between Vienna and Berlin. It leaves Wrocław at 5am, with the return journey departing Berlin at 6.30pm. The daily service will start operating on December 9th.

There are of course a variety of bus companies that also run between Wrocław and Berlin. Flixbus and Deutsche Bahn run daily services, as do Bus Expres and Jardan Bus.

Gregor Gowans

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