TVP To launch English-language News Channel

Reports on wirtualnemedia.pl indicate that TVP are all set to launch an English-language news channel on Independence Day.

The channel is to initially broadcast a couple of hours of new content each day, but will eventually become a 24/7 station. The new service is to be exclusively streamed on the internet.

Named ‘Poland In’, the English news service will be be run by the boss of TVP’s Interactive Media arm, Krzysztof Kuba Sufin.

According to TVP’s Maciej Stanecki, the channel will not only show “political and economic information”, but also aim to better integrate “those communities fascinated by the interesting aspects of modern Poland”. Therefore a number of cultural shows will feature in the channel’s schedules too. This includes programs on Poland’s Christmas traditions for example.

The editorial team responsible from the channel will largely come from those already working on TVP’s polandinenglish.info website.

The arrival of the station comes 10 months after Pro-PiS tv channel Telewizja Republika started to release daily 5-minute English-language bulletins on YouTube. The quality of the output has nonetheless been largely ridiculed. The poor intonation of the hosts, amongst other things, have even led to some observers questioning if it is a parody channel.

Given that the new station will be run by state broadcaster TVP, Poland In will also be expected to be heavily pro-PiS. The stark level of bias at TVP has been evident for a couple of years now. However it was laid bare on Sunday evening when a TVP presenter declared a PiS candidate for Gdansk’s President had “unfortunately” lost.

Gregor Gowans

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