Fuming Nationalists Vow To Attend Banned March

Following the decision of Wrocław’s President to ban Jacek Międlar’s Independence Day march, various nationalist groups have insisted the demonstration will go ahead anyway.

If you are unfamiliar with the march, please read our detailed article on the event here. To find out why the march has been banned, please refer to our report from yesterday.

Jacek Międlar, who took over the organisation of the march last year, has made it clear that nothing will stop his march from taking place. 

Wrocław is ready for the march. No Poland-phobe will dictate conditions to us! There is no place for politically correct gibbering about the Wrocław march! See you on Sunday! Did the cursed soldiers die for our country so that we would have to obey the leftists from the magistrate? Never!!!

Jacek Międlar, via Twitter

In addition, Międar described Dutkiewicz’s decision as”Stalinist” in another angry tweet.

The owners of Octogon Wrocław, a ‘patriotic’ clothing store in Nadodrze, also echoed Jacek Międlar’s sentiments. Writing on their Facebook page, the shop declared that nothing would stop them from attending the march.

In view of the recent events that have led to the March of Independence in the city being banned, we invite you on behalf of the organizers for the celebration of our national holiday – contrary to what is written in the media.

Nobody will forbid us from celebrating because it is a feast of all Poles. Neither Rafał D. nor his successor will stop us – the Poles – in the name of the Great Poland. The decision to terminate the march before it even started is a decision directed straight at the patriots. It is an attempt to confuse heads, but only shows that while the president has changed, the views remain the same. The march will take place anyway. It will either happen with the permission of our authorities or without it.

We all see each other on November 11 at 5pm in front of the main station. Let’s take our national colors with us. Let us show those who throw obstacles in front of us that we will raise above them and go further – nothing will stop us.

Octogon Wrocław

Another group left fuming at Dutkiewicz’s decision are the hardcore elements of the Śląsk Wrocław support, whose fan-website have branded Wrocław’s President as a “snitch”. The same portal also referred to president elect Jacek Sutryk as a “faggot”.

Referring to the LGBT-rights march in Lublin that took place after courts overruled the city President’s decision to ban it, the fanatik.ogicom.pl editor cast doubt on whether Międlar’s march would be treated equally. The author also used the term ‘pedał’, an offensive and derogatory term to describe gay people (which could be translated as ‘poof’ or many other derogatory alternatives).

We have just received information that the Wroclaw March of Independence was banned. By whom? Well, by some snitch still holding the office of the president of the city of Wroclaw, Rafał D. He made the decision in accordance with Mr. faggot, who is already waiting and drooling over the chair.

Of course, legal steps will be taken. We’ll see what their effect will be. By the way. We will also see how the new “appeal” process works. Somehow in Lublin, it was possible to prevent the poof party from being cancelled because of democratic values.

Editor of fanatik.ogicom.pl

The decision to ban the march could potentially result in a policing nightmare. The march is not authorised, therefore those who participate in it as well as break laws (e.g. by uttering hate speech or using pyrotechnics) will have to be apprehended. Depending on the numbers that turn up, it could prove very difficult for the authorities to handle. 

Should the police step in and make arrests, it could turn ugly. Therefore it wouldn’t be a surprise if officers decide to take a more cautious and passive approach towards the unauthorised march.

Gregor Gowans

The founder and editor of Wroclaw Uncut, Gregor has been running the website since its inception in 2012. A Wroclawian for almost 10 years, Gregor writes on a wide variety of topics including, food & drink, nightlife, local news and politics. He is also a regular guest on Radio Ram's Sunday lunch programme.

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