New Wrocław President To Take Part In Diwali Celebrations

Tomorrow lunchtime the newly-elected President of Wrocław will join the city’s Indian community in celebrating Diwali.

Jacek Sutryk, who was elected in the 1st round of voting during last month’s local elections, will hand out free Indian food to the needy on pl. Solny from 1pm. The event is being organised by Kartikey Johri, the Honorary Consul of the Republic of India in Wroclaw.

The food handout is also supported by the Weź Pomóż initiative, which aims to provide food for the needy. Weź Pomóż are the same team behind the social fridges that have been propping up in the city this year.

The organisers of the event have also made an appeal for people to donate clothes and food for the needy (see the above Facebook post for details).

According to Gazeta Wrocławska, an estimated 2,500 Indians currently live in Wrocław.


Gregor Gowans

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